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Environmental policy

It has become increasingly clear over recent years that in order to operate in a sustainable manner every company should develop an environmental policy. This policy needs to be documented and fully understood by all members of staff. The natural starting point is a review of what has gone on before taking due account of legislation, previous practice, compliance (or non compliance) and the future.

Our policy, procedures, arrangements and monitoring program were developed in house. They were operated for nearly 10 years before we had them subjected to external audit for compliance to ISO14001. They are now certified to ISO14001 by the NSI who themselves hold UKAS accreditation for this.


Our Policy:-

Impulse Engineering Limited recognises that its activities will impact upon the environment at local, regional and even a global level. We further acknowledge a responsibility for the protection of the environment above that which is prescribed by legislation.

Our Managing Director, Eric Newman holds ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the company policy. The directors and shareholders will further provide the necessary resources to operate and continue the development of the Environmental Management System. Participation of the staff in the successful operation of the Environmental Management System is seen as the key to its success. This is achieved by providing the necessary resources, information and instructions in the form of consulting, training, processes, objectives and targets where appropriate. Thus ensuring that they may carry out their duties in line with the policy.

The company recognises the importance of developing and maintaining strong relationships with customers, suppliers and subcontractors. This is key to the continued success of the company. Key elements of our environmental management system are communicated and implemented to our sub-contractors and suppliers.

Our scope is defined and our activities that relate to this management system are included within this scope

The design, supply, installation, verification, commissioning and servicing of fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems, including voice alarm, public address, portable and fixed fire extinguishers. Security systems including intruder detection, access control and CCTV systems. The servicing of low and extra low voltage emergency lighting systems.

A Documented Integrated System, compliant with our BS EN ISO 14001:2004 accreditation, provides us with a framework with which we can reference our day to day activities against.

To reduce and control our waste, the company is committed to re-use and recycle wherever possible. Hazardous waste is segregated and disposed off via approved routes at all times. Purchasing takes into account sustainable and responsible products manufactured with the least environmental impact.

The company is committed to carrying out regular assessments of our activities and applicable legal requirements and furthermore setting objectives and targets to manipulate our environmental aspects and impacts including the prevention of pollution (by fossil fuels or other sources). This regular assessment aids and commits us to ensure we continually improve our objectives, targets and company processes with an overall aim of eliminating environmental impacts including becoming carbon neutral. Whilst doing this the company is committed to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and that relate to our services as detailed in the company systems manual.

Company wide objectives and targets are set which includes the environmental management system and results of these are communicated to top management regularly. They are formally reviewed annually.

Signed .............................
Dated: 17th March 2017

Eric D Newman
Managing Director

Last Reviewed: 17/03/2017