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Industry sectors: Defence

The Ministry of Defence was probably one of our first customers back in 1986. Although we didn’t sell directly in the early days and still work indirectly for the MoD with the appointed NGEC (Next generation estate contracts) prime contractor. Over the years and through reputation we have secured a number of contracts and works directly to them. Highlights (for us), a nine month contract in the Falkland Islands installing fire detection and alarm systems at Mount Pleasant Airfield. 36 RAF stations from St Kilda in the North Atlantic to Cyprus in the Mediterranean. We understand defence works in terms of both property (DIO) and equipment (DE&S).

Since the introduction of the Defence Estates (now Defence Infrastructure Organisation) Regional Prime Contracts in 2005 and more recently the Next generation estate contracts (NGEC) in 2015 we have worked as a preferred supplier to these organisations, delivering specialist fire, security, access control, public address and aerial systems support.

We have an applicable understanding of JSP440 (&JSP375) and in delivering systems that comply by using CPNI (formally SEAP) CSE (Catalogue of Security Equipment) listed hardware to high & enhanced standards. We are experienced with the requirements of DFRMO (Defence Fire Risk Management Organisation) and JSP 426. We are a capable and experienced contractor with staff that hold the right credentials (such as 4Cs) and are currently active on more than 200 sites in the UK.