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Low voltage electrical installations

The IEE Regulations now formally known as BS7671 define these as voltages up to 1000v AC / 1500v DC. In other words, normal UK mains voltages both single & three phase.

As a specialist electrical engineering contractor delivering a range of life safety and security systems we've always believed that having the ability to self-deliver this infrastructure to our installed systems in a key aspect of control and deliverability.

In order to deliver this service to our clients we have been registered and assessed externally by the NICEIC (formally known as The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) since 1987 as an Approved Contractor. Our ISO9001 accreditation scope & accreditation also reflects this discipline.

Having held this assessment prior to the introduction of the Building Regulations Part P assessment scheme, we were automatically accepted onto the register. We are of course audited and assessed annually with regard to our performance and ability for the services we offer.

The NICEIC require at least one QS (qualified supervisor) and one PDH (principal duty holder) to be accountable for the registration and compliance. We have two QSs able to deliver these responsibilities.

Electrical installation contracting alone, is not a core activity, nor are Part P works. However, we are often required to engineer solutions that include the installation of new electrical circuits, sub mains and final circuits. UPS systems, central battery charges, sola and inverters also can become part of a package of works. Sometimes these include areas of residence, heritage properties are a good example and these are covered by Part P. In all cases we are able to design, install, test a verify these installations confirming compliance by issuing an NICEIC test certificate for all parts or the complete installation.

The British Standards and European normalised documents all make reference to BS7671 and require solutions providers to design, install and test to this standard (BS5839:-1:2013 Clause 29 refers, for example). Ownership of our systems in all environments requires an assessment to be made for ongoing or periodic testing. This is often omitted by maintenance contractors.

Legislation & applicable standards

  • British Standard BS7671:2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations + Amendments 1:2011, Corrigendum June 2013 & amendment 2/3 2013 & 2015
  • Building Regulation Part P: (Electrical safety) Approved Document P January 2013
  • In a move to bring the industry together, the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) have announced the creation of the Electrical Safety Register. Their first task is the creation of the Register, which will be the definitive searchable database of NICEIC and ELECSA registered contractors which will be promoted to hundreds of thousands of specifiers by the trade association and the Charity. Registered competent person: http://www.electricalcompetentperson.co.uk/