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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update: Monday the 23rd March 2020

Following the latest instructions from HMG, Impulse Engineering Limited has taken the following steps in consultation with our staff and with their best interests, safety and welfare being placed first.

  • All non-essential staff have been requested to work from home where possible or may be eligible for the Staff Retention Scheme and will be furloughed.
  • We will retain one member of staff in the office to respond to and continue to arrange planned & reactive calls made to us. Please be patient if you call us and preferably leave this method for responses of an urgent nature.
  • We will retain one senior member of staff in the office to oversee the operation and provide direction & escalation where appropriate.
  • Please continue (by email) to contact your normal point of assistance for ongoing project updates (you will be notified by email "out of office" if that person is unavailable and directed to someone who will assist. Alternatively contact mail@impulse-eng.com.
  • A reduced number of field staff will continue to be available to respond to reactive calls and continue planned works to life safety and critical asset protection systems & equipment where safe & appropriate.
  • It is clear that our accounts staff who would not normally work remotely will assume this role but it is inevitable that some responses will be delayed whilst these new procedures settle in and maybe delivered by fewer staff.

The directors are of the opinion that the company qualifies to continue operation and that some of our staff qualify as key workers (as defined in the DfE definition). We believe that this definition will become clear as time moves on and will we update our position accordingly.

Update: Tuesday the 17th March 2020

Impulse Engineering Limited has taken steps to reduce the risk of various levels of exposure to the coronavirus, not only to keep our staff safe, but also to ensure business continuity.

The directors are committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure our continued operation through these unprecedented times. At this time (17 March) we are 100% operational and believe that we have the controls, resources and staff commitment to remain operational at a sufficient level to support our customers life safety, personal & critical asset protection systems. We have already seen a reduction in our overseas projects & travel, we foresee a reduction in construction and some project works due to customer or government restrictions. This will free staff to assist in planned and reactive works as its highly likely that some of our staff will contract the virus.

Current mandated precautions based upon available information and a risk assessed approach : -

This may change as the advice and severity develops

  • Hand sanitiser use on all entry points to our building has become mandatory. Notices are in place to remind all staff
  • Reminders and encouragement to all staff on hand washing (and doing it thoroughly)
  • No visitors, unless of a business critical nature will be accepted into our facilities
  • All meetings (wherever possible) will be kept to a minimum or completed via voice / video conference call
  • Site visits / surveys (for supervisory staff) will be kept to a minimum and risk assessed for COVID-19
  • Our external cleaning company has been asked to suspend cleaning at this time; moving to unoccupied times with enhanced methods
  • Twice daily sanitisation of shared hard surfaces, desks, telephones and IT equipment is being undertaken by our own staffGoods In/Out: Stores staff signing for delivered equipment are required to wear gloves. These gloves will be immediately disposed of once used
  • All deliveries, including post will be directed to one entrance
  • Half of our office based staff have been re-allocated to home working using our existing remote VPN & collaborative applications
  • Essential & service desk staff have been re-allocated desks to ensure 2metres separation
  • Engineer / field staff access to our offices is booked in advance
  • No two engineers will be admitted into the building at one time unless already working together
  • Apprentices have been allocated to an engineer to limit exposure both for the apprentice and engineers they are working with
  • Engineers working together on site will be restricted to limit exposure
  • Engineers have been issued with barrier gloves & hand sanitiser as part of their PPE
  • The use of public transport is being restricted and emphasis on use at non-rush hour times.
  • The use of taxis & company vehicles in London is being encouraged
  • Our engineers are being deployed using a time shifted approach to reduce contact with others
  • We are risk assessing deployment of our engineers and restricting or avoiding works in public areas; moving these to quiet times if required

We are closely monitoring advice from:

  • UK Government
  • Public Health England
  • The WHO (World Health Organisation)
  • The FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
  • Drum Cussac
  • Media outlets

We will update these precautions based on new information.

At present we do not foresee any change to the services we are providing and will advise if this changes; priority will always been given to contract, urgent /critical reactive requests on life safety systems followed by systems that protect the security of people and assets.