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Gas detection

A common term used for specific gas risks such as natural gas, specific medical or industrial gases and oxygen depletion / enrichment.

Explosive gases should be managed in a number of ways and normally these will be addresses by the supplier. Their escape through human error or equipment failure can lead to devastating consequences.

Of the 21% oxygen (20.9%) content in the normal air we breathe, it doesn't take much loss before that air will no longer support life (hypoxia). Monitoring the oxygen content in some locations is very important; alerts and alarms can be set to warn of deficient (concentrations below 16% can cause death) or enriched atmospheres to ensure the safety of personnel who need access although these are no substitute carrying out a risk assessment, using PPE (which may include escape sets) and personal, body worn monitoring equipment.

We can engineer a system that is self contained or integrated with fire detection equipment or building management systems. It can form part of the life safety systems needed in certain facilities.

Working in confined spaces and delivering these solutions is accepted as normal working practice.